Sewer Water Jetting System


Water Jetting System Specifications

  • 3/4 inches drum: including 100 m of high pressure anti-abrasion hose (working pressure 200 bar – Burst pressure 700 bar)
  • 1/2 inches drum: including 70 m of High pressure anti-abrasion hose (working pressure 200 bar – Burst pressure 600 bar)
  • Ability to wash sewerage network with a working pressure of 200 bar and up to 120 liter/minute of flow rate
  • The drum is motorized with a hydraulic system using a hydro motor (help reel the hose back to the drum).
  • Ability to install on the different chassis, vans and trucks.
  • The drum system has the ability to rotate 90 ° (±۴۵° C) and to fix at different angles for better alignment with the manholes
  • The High pressure pump can be coupled to a separate diesel systems or to the PTO of the truck.
  • Including a variety of stainless steel nozzle suitable for different cleaning task
  • All part are sandblasted and painted with high quality (thickness of 300 microns)
  • Including stainless steel high-pressure valves to control the water direction
  • Including a stainless steel high-pressure swiveling joint


Control Panel of Sewer Water Jetting System

  • Sealed electrical system
  • Including a lever to increase or decrease the engine speed.
  • Including water pressure gauge
  • Including motor revolution gauge
  • Including diesel oil gauge
  • Including diesel water gauge
  • Including a hydraulic valve to control the hydro motor of the drum