CCTV Inspection

 Our CCTV drain inspection services involves placing our high-tech camera into a designated sewer pipeline or storm water drain, in order to determine the interior condition of the drain.

We survey inside the sewer or drain line to determine their existing structural and service condition, specifically concerning:

  • a) Report on grade of pipe as to whether it is uniform or whetherthere appears to be sectional settlement
  • b) Location and condition of connection of sewer laterals
  • c) Condition of pipe joints
  • d) Condition of pipe walls
  • e) Any blockages or obstructions located within the pipe, Locate obstructions, such as roots, grease, debris and cross-bores
  • f) Any changes in pipe diameter or ovality encountered in any section between two manholes
  • g) Water level fluctuations
  • h) Infiltration and inflow
  • i) Evaluation of the efficiency of cleaning operations
  • j) Service condition
  • k) Condition of manholes